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How the UI of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Can Influence Your Trading Experience?

People who want to obtain cryptocurrencies and engage in related activities, need to open an account at an online exchange platform first. Numerous exchanges out there offer various options for trading, but all of them have one thing in common — they strive to provide the perfect interface in order to attract more users and give them an ultimate trading experience.

If you’re a member of the Internet community (and by reading this text online, you probably are), then chances are that you’ve already heard the term “user interface” (or UI). Let’s take a closer look at what it actually is and how it affects your trading experience in a cryptocurrency exchange. Read on!

What is UI?

UI stands for “user interface,” and it is basically everything you see once you enter an app or a website. We take interface for granted, as it is something that all computer users are very accustomed to. However, what we don’t know is the amount of research, testing, and development it takes to get the interface just right.

How many times has it happened to you that you just cannot find a page you’re looking for on a website? There are many sites with awful interfaces with dozens of buttons and numerous useless options.

Therefore, using a certain platform is always more comfortable if you can find what you’re looking for instantly. There’s a great word used to describe the type of interface where everyone can get around pretty quickly – “intuitive”.

Trading cryptocurrencies is a difficult task. That’s why exchanges need to devote a lot of attention to their interface in order to facilitate all the processes and help users achieve their goals faster.

Many exchanges make one big mistake

Since the entire world of cryptocurrencies is fairly young, there are still a lot of things to improve in every aspect, including interfaces of online exchanges. Many platforms are often cluttered with a lot of information being presented to users on the homepage. This can drive off many new customers who are simply looking to buy their first digital currency and are not interested in detailed trading.

On the other hand, once you get into the swing of things, all these graphs and data can be pretty useful. However, there’s probably a better way to present these things to users instead of the “in-your-face” approach with everything displayed at once.

Basic vs Advanced solution

Many exchanges realize that providing all in-depth info about cryptocurrencies might not be the best solution for all users. There are numerous newcomers who get scared away with so many things going on. Therefore, you can find that a lot of exchanges adopt the “basic vs advanced” approach where users get to choose which type of interface they want to have.

The basic interface will often show only the elementary trading options, allowing users to obtain their first cryptocurrency in just a couple of clicks. Those who get comfortable with the basic options can easily switch to the advanced version and enjoy all the benefits that a trader can have.

Exchanges targeting newcomers

Some online exchanges, such as CEX.IO, adopt a step-by-step solution. They are slowly introducing newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency trading. As soon as you register on the platform, you will be provided with a few straightforward options. You immediately get to choose which crypto coin you want to buy and which fiat currency you want to use to make the purchase. Moreover, the platform also gives you an opportunity to immediately buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency of your choice for $200, $500, or $1,000. Alternatively, you can type in the amount yourself (it can be either the amount of target currency or the amount you want to invest) and the platform will automatically make the calculations for you.

In other words, CEX.IO is made for people who are looking to buy their first cryptocurrency. However, once you scratch the surface, you’ll notice many other features that can be rather helpful when it comes to cryptocurrency trading.

So – how can UI actually influence the trading experience?

Being rather volatile, the price of cryptocurrencies changes every second. So, people who want to begin their trading journey need to be very comfortable with using the trading interface on the exchange of their choice. If that doesn’t happen, they will end up missing out on numerous opportunities as they seek to find the piece of information or the option they need in order to make their next move.

There’s one more thing that we need to take into account, and that’s mobile devices. All exchanges looking to provide the best possible experience need to pay special attention to how they present information on small screens. Price changes, graphs, balance, orders, and more – all of these things may seem cluttered even if you have two monitors. That’s why it’s particularly challenging for exchanges to retain the simplicity on small screens. If you’re into trading on the go, make sure to explore the interface before you make any big moves from your mobile device.

Conclusion: The future is bright

As previously stated, online exchanges might still struggle to present information and options in the best possible way. But the underlying technology is rapidly changing and is being continuously improved by professionals around the globe. In other words, there’s no need to worry about the interface of online exchanges as it is only going to get better as the entire industry moves towards worldwide acceptance.

أفضل طرق الربح من الانترنت : البتكوين – العملات الرقمية – التعدين السحابي – تعدين البتكوين

  • هل تريد أن تتحرر من عملك كموظف يذهب الى عمله كل صباح مضطرا لتتبع تعليمات مديرك الذي يشعرك بأنك عبدا لديه      و تعود آخر اليوم الى منزلك مجهدا و متعبا لا تجد وقتا تقضيه مع أسرتك
  • هل تريد دخلا يغنيك عن عملك و يجعلك أنت مدير نفسك ؟ بالطبع أنت ترغب في ذلك و لقد كنت مثلك منذ حوالي 10 أشهر أبحث عن أفضل الطرق الربح من الانترنت بطريقة حلال و لقد وجدت العديد من الطرق مثل الربح من الضغط على الإعلانات أو عمل قناة يوتيوب أو الفوركس أو كتابة المدونات و خلافه و لكني لم أقتنع بكل ذلك و الأمر الوحيد الذي لفت انتباهي بشدة هوموضوع  العملات الرقمية و تعدين البتكوين و التعدين السحابي فما هو البتكوين ؟
  • ما هو البتكوين ؟ ببساطة هو أول العملات الرقمية من حيث الظهور وهو عملة لا ترتبط ببنك معين أو دولة معينة و انما تستطيع شراءها  أو ارسالها لشخص آخرفي أى مكان بالعالم في دقائق معدودة من خلال شبكة الانترنت و قد حاز البتكوين في الفترة الأخيرة على قبولا واسع النظاق مما أدي الى زيادة سعره بشكل هائل فقد قفز سعره من أقل من دولار منذ حوالي 10 أعوام حتى وصل الى أكثر من 10.000 دولارا الشهر الماضي بل و يتوقع بعض المحللين و الخبراء الاقتصاديين وصول سعر البتكوين الى 25.000 دولار أو 40.000 دولارا في عام 2018 و البعض الآخر يتوقع وصول سعره الى 200.000 دولارا أو ربما 500.000 دولارا عام 2030 

  •  في خلال العام الحالي فقط  تضاعف سعر البتكوين 10 مرات في خلال 10 أشهر فقد كان سعره في فبراير 2017 حوالي 1000  دولار و وصل الى  10.000 دولار في ديسمبر 2017 بمعنى أن سعره في العشرة أشهر الأخيرة يزيد بمعدل 1000  دولار بالشهر الواحد و هو الأمر الذي دفع العديد من المستثمرين الى الاستثمار في هذا المجال سواء بشراء البتكوين و الاحتفاظ به لبيعه فيما بعد بسعر أعلى أو عن طريق تعدين البتكوين
  •  ما هو تعدين البتكوين ؟ تعدين التكوين ببساطة هو طريقة تمكنك من الحصول على البتكوين بدون شراء و هو عبارة عن  عملية تصنيع للبتكوين بواسطة أجهزة تعدين مخصصة لذلك أو بواسطة بطاقات الجرافيك التي نستخدمها جميعا في أجهزة الكمبيوتر الشخصية أو اللاب توب و يوجد نوعان من تعدين البتكوين الأول هو التعدين المنزلي و الثاني هو التعدين السحابي فما الفرق بينهما ؟
  • التعدين المنزلي : ينتج عنه ضوضاء عالية ناتجة عن صوت تشغيل الأجهزة – يؤدي الى زيادة استهلاك الكهرباء بالمنزل – يحتاج الى متابعة مستمرة – يحتاج الى توفير انترنت عالي السرعة بصفة مستمرة – يحتاج الى شخص لديه خبرة كافية في بمجال الهاردوير و السوفت وير – يحتاج الى توفير تبريد كافي للأجهزة
  • التعدين السحابي :  و هو النوع المفضل من وجهة نظري حيث يتجنب فيه المستثمر جميع عيوب و مشاكل التعدين المنزلي       و كل ما يجب عليك فعله في هذه الحالة هو التسجيل في أحد شركات التعدين السحابي الموثوقة و تقوم هذه الشركات بشراء أجهزة التعدين بالنيابة عنك و تشغيلها و الحصول على أجر متفق عليه نظير الكهرباء و الصيانة يخصم من الربح اليومي Genesis MiningHashFlare  و يوجد حاليا شركتان ذات سمعة طيبة جدا في هذ المجال هما
  •   ما هو الربح الذي سأحصل عليه من التعدين السحابي للبتكوين ؟ و الاجابة هى ان الربح اليومي متغير و ليس ثابت و هذا هو من أهم الأمور التي جعلتني أتجه فورا لهذا المجال حيث أن ذلك من أهم شروط الإستثمار الحلال ( أن تكون نسبة الربح غير ثابتة ) و لكن يمكنني أن أقول لك انك اذا استثمرت 1000 دولار في التعدين  السحابي للبتكوين فيمكنك أن تحصل على ربح يومي صافي يتراوح ما بين 8 الى 10 دولارات و طبعا هذا الربح قد يزيد أو يقل
  •  ما هى العوامل التي تؤثر على الربح اليومي لتعدين البتكوين ؟ الاجابة هى انه يوجد عاملين أساسين يحددان ربح التعدين        السحابي اليومي للبتكوين و هما سعر البتكوين أمام الدولار في هذا اليوم و صعوبة التعدين في هذا اليوم
  • و بالنسبة للعامل الأول وهو سعر البتكوين أمام الدولار فكلما زاد الطلب على شراء البتكوين زاد السعر بالطبع و العكس صحيح
  • أما بالنسبة للعامل الثاني و هو صعوبة التعدين فنجد أنه كلما زاد الإقبال على تعدين البتكوين زادت صعوبة التعدين و لكن لا تقلق ففي عام 2017 تضاعفت الصعوبة حوالي 7 مرات في حين تضاعف السعر حوالي 10 مرات مما يعني أن التعدين يزداد ربحا مع الوقت و من الجدير بالذكر أن صعوبة تعدين البتكوين تتغير كل حوالي اسبوعان مرة و ليس بالضرورة أن تزيد فقد تقل أحيانا
  • ما هى العملات الرقمية الأخري التى أستطيع تعدينها و هل تعدينها مربحا أكثر من تعدين البتكوين ؟ و الإجابة انه يوجد العديد من العملات الرقمية التي يمكنك تعدينها سواء بالمنزل أو سحابيا و لكن أشهرها  هو الإيثيريوم – المونيرو – اللايتكوين – الداش – الزيكاش ، و لكن حتي تاريخ كتابة هذا المقال ( 1 ديسمبر 2017 ) فيعتبر تعدين البتكوين هو الأكثر ربحا  
  • : كيف تبدأ ؟ الأمر بسيط جدا و كل ما عليك فعله هو اتباع الخطوات التالية 
  1. انشاء محفظتك و المقصود بها هو الحصول على عنوان البتكوين الخاص بك و الذي ستقوم شركات التعدين السحابي بتحويل  أرباحك من البتكوين اليه و يمكنك التسجيل للحصول على محفظة بتكوين من احدى الشركات الموثوقة و هى شركة كوين بيز
  2.  التسجيل فى احدى شركات التعدين السحابي الموثوقة وهى شركة جنيسيس للتعدين أو شركة هاش فلير
  3. إختيار العقد المطلوب شراؤه ( بتكوين – لايتكوين – ايثيريوم – زيكاش – مونيرو ) و يفضل اختيار عقد البتكوين إن وجد و خصوصا اذا كان العقد مدى الحياة ( يستمر العقد طالما كان الربح الناتج منه أكبر من تكلفة الصيانة و الكهرباء)  و أفضل العقود حاليا هو عقد البتكوين مدى الحياة من شركة جنيسيس للتعدين و لكنه سرعان ما ينفد بمجرد طرحه نظرا لأرباحه الرائعة فإن لم تجد هذا العقد متوفرا فتوجه الى عقد بتكوين هاش فلير و لكن مدته سنة واحدة فقط و على الرغم من  ذلك فعائد الإستثمار الناتج منه يتجاوز 300% و ستتمكن من استرداد رأس المال بعد فترة حوالي أربعة أشهر فقط و تكون الثمانية أشهرالمتبقية من مدة العقد هى الأرباح و يمكنك الحصول على معلومات كاملة عن جميع عقود التعدين السحابي و الأرباح المتوقعة منها  من خلال الإطلاع على  مقالتنا السابقة بتاريخ 23 نوفمبر 2017 هنا
  4. اختيار الهاش باور أو قوة التعدين المطلوبة و بالطبع كلما زادت قوة التعدين ستزيد الأرباح فلو قمت بشراء قوة تعدين بقيمة 1000 دولار مثلا ( عقد بتكوين ) ستكون أرباحك الشهرية المتوقعة حوالي 300 دولار أما اذا قمت بشراء قوة تعدين بقيمة 500 دولار فسيكون ربحك الشهري المتوقع حوالي 150 دولارا
  5. الشراء و يكون عن طريق بطاقة الفيزا أو يمكنك أيضا الدفع بالستخدام البتكوين
  6. اجني أرباحك اليومية و شاهد أرباحك تنمو يوما بعد يوم و استمتع بحياتك
  7. و يمكنك كذلك تطبيق استراتيجية سحب ثلث الأرباح نهاية كل شهر و شراء عقود بتكوين جديدة بثلث الأرباح الثاني و الإحتفاظ بثلث الأرباح الأخير بمحفظتك لبيعه بسعر أعلى فيما بعد
  8. نتمنى لكم أن تكونوا قد استفدتم من مقالتنا و لا تترددوا بارسال استفساراتكم أو ترك تعليقاتكم و حظ موفق للجميع


genesis mining profitability.jpeg

  • Welcome to our updated Genesis Mining Profitability Report . The Cloud Mining Now is So Profitable as The Cryptocurrencies Prices are Sky Rocketing  and everything is Wonderful This Week in our Crypto World .
  • Genesis Mining Profitability With Bitcoin Contracts Now is Amazing as The Mining Difficulty is Lower Last Week .
  • Also Genesis Mining Pre order Bitcoin Contracts Are Back Again ( The Mining Will Start 15 March 2018 ) So Do Not Miss This Opportunity .
  • We have Added Some HashFlare Mining Pools to our Report This Week to Help You to Choose the Best HashFlare Mining Pool .
  • We Are Assuming In All our Analysis That Both Cryptocurrencies Prices and Mining Difficulties Will not Change .
  • As we Can See in The Above Tables , The best Available Contract is Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contract ( You need less than 5 months to Get your Money Back !!! ) and you will Get about $7.40 Net Daily Profit / $1000 Investment Which Means That You Will Get 540% ROI Even If The Contract Period Will Be 2 Years Only !!!
  • The Second Best Contract Is Hashing24 Bitcoin Contract ( 449% ROI ) But Unfortunately It Is Not Available Now .
  • Our Third Best Contract Is HashfFlare Bitcoin Contract ( 288% ROI )  So You Will Get 7.90$ Net Daily Profit / $1000 Investment and You Will Get Your Money Back After 127 Days Only .
  • Our Fourth Contract is Genesis Mining Monero Contract ( 212% ROI ) …
  • Our Fifth Best Contract is Genesis Mining Zcash Contract ( 190% ROI ) …
  • Our Last Recommended Contracts This Week are Genesis Mining Ethereum Contract ( 153% ROI ) and Hashflare Litecoin Contract ( 153% ROI with ProHashing Pool ) .
  • X11 ( Dash ) Contract Still Has The Lowest ROI% In Both Genesis Mining And HashFlare .
  • We Are Still Not Recommending To Purchase HashFlare ( X11 – Ethereum – Zcash ) Contracts As They Still Not Profitable .
  • Do Not Forget To Use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” to Get 3% Discount on all Your Genesis Mining Purchases .
  • We Will Be SO Happy to Receive Your Comments , Feedback And Questions …
  • Good Luck And Happy Mining …


cloud mining profitability 3.jpeg

  • Welcome dear friends to our weekly updated cloud mining profitability report …
  • In all our analysis we assume that both the mining difficulties and the prices of all cryptocurrencies will not change with time .
  • Finally Genesis Mining Pre-sale Bitcoin Contracts are available now for a limited time only ( The Mining will strart 28 Feb 2018 ) . The contract price is 20% higher than before ( $180/1TH now vs $150/1TH before ) as the Bitcoin price is skyrocketing and also the cost of the mining hardware is higher than before .
  • As we can see in the above tables , Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contract is the best available choice now ( You will get 423.4% ROI even if the contract period is 2 years only ) and you will get your money back after 172 days only ( about 6 months ) .
  • If you miss the Bitcoin pre-sale contracts then you should go to Genesis Mining Zcash Contract as it is the best second choice in Genesis Mining Now with (175.2% ROI ) .
  • And if you are interested in mining Ethereum and Monero so Genesis Mining is the best choice also .
  • Dash ( x11 ) contracts in both Genesis Mining and Hashflare have the lowest daily profits and the lowest ROI% as well .
  • Hashing24 Bitcoin contract are profitable ( 361.4% ROI ) but unfortunately sold out .
  • But if you are interested in Hashflare so go to Bitcoin contract as it is the most profitable Hashflare contracts ( 215.4% ROI ) , However the scrypt contract is also profitable ( 153.3 % ROI ) and it is considered Hashflare second best choice .
  • Hashflare ( x11 – ether – zcash ) contracts are strongly not recommended now because you will never break even with them .
  • Do not forget to use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” to get 3% discount on all your Genesis Mining Purchases .
  • And also if you are interested in Hashflare you can get 5% payback ( see details here  ) .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • We hope that our report was useful for all of you and we will be so glad to receive your comments and feedbacks …
  • Happy Mining and Good Luck …



cloud mining profitability 3.jpeg

  • Welcome to our updated cryptocurrencies cloud mining profitability report and we are so glad to share our results with you to help you to make the right decision in your cloud mining investments .
  • We assume in all our analysis that both cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulties will not change .
  • Our results also are based on the cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulties of today 03 Nov. 2017 .
  • As you can see in the above first table , Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract is still the most profitable choice but unfortunately it is still not available till now .
  • Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract is a lifetime contract which means that the contract will be stopped only if the sum of the electricity and the maintenance fees will be more than the daily profit .
  • So as you can see in the above second table even if the contract period will be only one year , you will get 284.7% ROI which make it an amazing investment .
  • And if the contract period will be 5 years then you will get 1424% ROI which means that you will get profits = more than 14x the money you paid .
  •  Hashing24 bitcoin contract is the second best choice (361.4 % ROI ) but it is also still not available .
  • We are still not recommending purchasing Hashflare ( x11 – ether -zcash ) contracts now as the ROI of these contracts are less than 100% .
  • So if you are interested in Hashflare you can go to bitcoin contract as it is the most profitable Hashflare contract now ( 211.7% ROI ) and you can get also 5% payback bonus ( see details here ) .
  • And if you are interested in Genesis Mining so you can purchase any of the three available contracts ( Ethereum – Monero – Zcash ) as they are all profitable ( we recommend to divide your investment between all the three contracts ) and you can also get 3% discount on all your Genesis Mining purchases using Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” .
  • And of course you can purchase all the recommended four contracts ( Hashflare Bitcoin + Genesis Mining  Ethereum + Genesis Mining Monero + Genesis Mining Zcash ) in case if you want to invest in both companies .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • All of you are welcome to comment and send your feedback …
  • Good Luck and Happy Haunting …


cloud mining profitability report 1.jpeg

  • You can get from the above table all the information you need about cloud mining ( best companies , best contracts , ROI , break even , daily profits … ) .
  • The above results will be updated weekly to give you a clear view about the best available cryptocurrencies cloud mining contracts choices .
  • In our analysis we will assume that both cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulities will not change .
  • Let us talk first about Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract ROI% and as this contract is lifetime so we can not determine its ROI% but we can put some assumptions , let us assume that the contract period will be 1 year , 2 years , 3 years , 4 years and 5 years and get the ROI% in each case :So we conclude that even if Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract will be 1 year contract only it will be very profitable ( 273.8% ROI ) and if it will be 2 years contract so it will be the most profitable cloud mining contract ( 547.5% ROI ) .
  • But now Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract SOLD OUT and Hashing24 as well so our next best choice are a Combination of ( Genesis Mining Monero + Genesis Mining Zcash + Hashflare Bitcoin + Hashflare scrypt ) as these 4 contracts have a higher ROI%  .
  • Hashflare dash ( x11 ) contract is the worst available cloud mining contract now ( 10.95% ROI ) so its strongly not recommended .
  • If you are interested in Hashflare so buy only Bitcoin and scrypt contracts and stay away from other contracts ( x11 – Ether – Zcash ) and you can also get 5% payback bonus ( see details here ) .
  • You can also get 3% discount if you use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” when Purchasing  Genesis Mining Recommended Contracts ( Bitcoin – Monero – Zcash ) .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • Good Luck and Happy Hunting …



  • The Electroneum Developers Provide offline wallet so its unhackable and its super secure so Electroneum is even more safe than Bitcoin and Ethereum and it can not be stolen .
  • The Electroneum is so Easy to manage and you can even use Your Electroneum Mobile App For Mining Your First Electroneum Coins Without The Need of Any Previous Experience or Complex Hardware Like Bitcoin or Ethereum .
  • Electroneum Transactions are Super Fast , None Can know how many Electroneum Coins you Have and None Will Know Your Transactions History even if you share Your Electroneum Wallet Address .
  • Electroneum Developers Also Provide a Desktop Mining Software and a Mobile Wallet ( QR ) .
  • Electroneum has its own Blockchain Which Allows to Launch a lot of New Features  and Technologies in The Future .
  • So What are You Waiting For – Start Buying Electroneum Now While its Still Cheap  ( Current Price is Still about $0.01 / ETN ) , So You Can Buy 10000ETN With only $100 .
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  • OR You Can Use The Refferal Code EE6DE4 When Buying Electroneum to Get Your 1% Bonus !







  • If you have purchased Hashflare x11 contract , You need about 305 days to get your money back ( the contract period is 365 days ) and you will get 120% Return of Investment . So you will get $200 profit / $1000 investment at the end of the contract period .
  • And if you have chosen Genesis Mining x11 contract , You need about 649 days to get your money back ( the contract period is 730 days ) and you will get 120% Return of Investment . So you will get $120 profit / $1000 investment at the end of the contract period .
  • Note that we have assumed that both dash price and mining difficulty will not be changed .
  • Whatever your choice is , it will be better to stack your mined dash instead of selling it as the dash price is expected to hit $1000 by the end of 2018 .
  • If you choose to purchase Hashflare x11 contract so you have an opportunity to get exclusive 5% discount ( see details here ) .
  • And if you choose to purchase Genesis Mining x11 contract so you also have an opportunity to get 3% discount by using Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • We will provide you with updated monthly profitability reports to help you always to get the best investment choices .
  • Do not hesitate to send your feedback , comments and questions .
  • Good Luck …

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