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  • You can get from the above table all the information you need about cloud mining ( best companies , best contracts , ROI , break even , daily profits … ) .
  • The above results will be updated weekly to give you a clear view about the best available cryptocurrencies cloud mining contracts choices .
  • In our analysis we will assume that both cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulities will not change .
  • Let us talk first about Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract ROI% and as this contract is lifetime so we can not determine its ROI% but we can put some assumptions , let us assume that the contract period will be 1 year , 2 years , 3 years , 4 years and 5 years and get the ROI% in each case :cloud mining profitability report 1 - Copy.jpegSo we conclude that even if Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract will be 1 year contract only it will be very profitable ( 273.8% ROI ) and if it will be 2 years contract so it will be the most profitable cloud mining contract ( 547.5% ROI ) .
  • But now Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract SOLD OUT and Hashing24 as well so our next best choice are a Combination of ( Genesis Mining Monero + Genesis Mining Zcash + Hashflare Bitcoin + Hashflare scrypt ) as these 4 contracts have a higher ROI%  .
  • Hashflare dash ( x11 ) contract is the worst available cloud mining contract now ( 10.95% ROI ) so its strongly not recommended .
  • If you are interested in Hashflare so buy only Bitcoin and scrypt contracts and stay away from other contracts ( x11 – Ether – Zcash ) and you can also get 5% payback bonus ( see details here ) .
  • You can also get 3% discount if you use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” when Purchasing  Genesis Mining Recommended Contracts ( Bitcoin – Monero – Zcash ) .
  • Good Luck and Happy Hunting …

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