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  • Welcome to our updated cryptocurrencies cloud mining profitability report and we are so glad to share our results with you to help you to make the right decision in your cloud mining investments .
  • We assume in all our analysis that both cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulties will not change .
  • Our results also are based on the cryptocurrencies prices and mining difficulties of today 03 Nov. 2017 .
  • As you can see in the above first table , Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract is still the most profitable choice but unfortunately it is still not available till now .
  • Genesis Mining Bitcoin contract is a lifetime contract which means that the contract will be stopped only if the sum of the electricity and the maintenance fees will be more than the daily profit .
  • So as you can see in the above second table even if the contract period will be only one year , you will get 284.7% ROI which make it an amazing investment .
  • And if the contract period will be 5 years then you will get 1424% ROI which means that you will get profits = more than 14x the money you paid .
  •  Hashing24 bitcoin contract is the second best choice (361.4 % ROI ) but it is also still not available .
  • We are still not recommending purchasing Hashflare ( x11 – ether -zcash ) contracts now as the ROI of these contracts are less than 100% .
  • So if you are interested in Hashflare you can go to bitcoin contract as it is the most profitable Hashflare contract now ( 211.7% ROI ) and you can get also 5% payback bonus ( see details here ) .
  • And if you are interested in Genesis Mining so you can purchase any of the three available contracts ( Ethereum – Monero – Zcash ) as they are all profitable ( we recommend to divide your investment between all the three contracts ) and you can also get 3% discount on all your Genesis Mining purchases using Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” .
  • And of course you can purchase all the recommended four contracts ( Hashflare Bitcoin + Genesis Mining  Ethereum + Genesis Mining Monero + Genesis Mining Zcash ) in case if you want to invest in both companies .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • All of you are welcome to comment and send your feedback …
  • Good Luck and Happy Haunting …

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