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  • Welcome dear friends to our weekly updated cloud mining profitability report …
  • In all our analysis we assume that both the mining difficulties and the prices of all cryptocurrencies will not change with time .
  • Finally Genesis Mining Pre-sale Bitcoin Contracts are available now for a limited time only ( The Mining will strart 28 Feb 2018 ) . The contract price is 20% higher than before ( $180/1TH now vs $150/1TH before ) as the Bitcoin price is skyrocketing and also the cost of the mining hardware is higher than before .
  • As we can see in the above tables , Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contract is the best available choice now ( You will get 423.4% ROI even if the contract period is 2 years only ) and you will get your money back after 172 days only ( about 6 months ) .
  • If you miss the Bitcoin pre-sale contracts then you should go to Genesis Mining Zcash Contract as it is the best second choice in Genesis Mining Now with (175.2% ROI ) .
  • And if you are interested in mining Ethereum and Monero so Genesis Mining is the best choice also .
  • Dash ( x11 ) contracts in both Genesis Mining and Hashflare have the lowest daily profits and the lowest ROI% as well .
  • Hashing24 Bitcoin contract are profitable ( 361.4% ROI ) but unfortunately sold out .
  • But if you are interested in Hashflare so go to Bitcoin contract as it is the most profitable Hashflare contracts ( 215.4% ROI ) , However the scrypt contract is also profitable ( 153.3 % ROI ) and it is considered Hashflare second best choice .
  • Hashflare ( x11 – ether – zcash ) contracts are strongly not recommended now because you will never break even with them .
  • Do not forget to use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” to get 3% discount on all your Genesis Mining Purchases .
  • And also if you are interested in Hashflare you can get 5% payback ( see details here  ) .
  • To Get The Updated Cloud Mining Profitability Report ( 23 Nov 2017 )  , Please Check Our Updated Post Here .
  • We hope that our report was useful for all of you and we will be so glad to receive your comments and feedbacks …
  • Happy Mining and Good Luck …

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