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  • Welcome to our updated Genesis Mining Profitability Report . The Cloud Mining Now is So Profitable as The Cryptocurrencies Prices are Sky Rocketing  and everything is Wonderful This Week in our Crypto World .
  • Genesis Mining Profitability With Bitcoin Contracts Now is Amazing as The Mining Difficulty is Lower Last Week .
  • Also Genesis Mining Pre order Bitcoin Contracts Are Back Again ( The Mining Will Start 15 March 2018 ) So Do Not Miss This Opportunity .
  • We have Added Some HashFlare Mining Pools to our Report This Week to Help You to Choose the Best HashFlare Mining Pool .
  • We Are Assuming In All our Analysis That Both Cryptocurrencies Prices and Mining Difficulties Will not Change .
  • As we Can See in The Above Tables , The best Available Contract is Genesis Mining Bitcoin Contract ( You need less than 5 months to Get your Money Back !!! ) and you will Get about $7.40 Net Daily Profit / $1000 Investment Which Means That You Will Get 540% ROI Even If The Contract Period Will Be 2 Years Only !!!
  • The Second Best Contract Is Hashing24 Bitcoin Contract ( 449% ROI ) But Unfortunately It Is Not Available Now .
  • Our Third Best Contract Is HashfFlare Bitcoin Contract ( 288% ROI )  So You Will Get 7.90$ Net Daily Profit / $1000 Investment and You Will Get Your Money Back After 127 Days Only .
  • Our Fourth Contract is Genesis Mining Monero Contract ( 212% ROI ) …
  • Our Fifth Best Contract is Genesis Mining Zcash Contract ( 190% ROI ) …
  • Our Last Recommended Contracts This Week are Genesis Mining Ethereum Contract ( 153% ROI ) and Hashflare Litecoin Contract ( 153% ROI with ProHashing Pool ) .
  • X11 ( Dash ) Contract Still Has The Lowest ROI% In Both Genesis Mining And HashFlare .
  • We Are Still Not Recommending To Purchase HashFlare ( X11 – Ethereum – Zcash ) Contracts As They Still Not Profitable .
  • Do Not Forget To Use Genesis Mining Promo Code “mJcnzk” to Get 3% Discount on all Your Genesis Mining Purchases .
  • We Will Be SO Happy to Receive Your Comments , Feedback And Questions …
  • Good Luck And Happy Mining …

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